TC Transformations

Alexandra Jackson


This video was created by my husband, Wade Jackson and I in appreciation of Tad Coffin Saddles. My name is Alexandra Jackson and I am the owner of Bainbridge Island Riding School, an accredited USHJA Riding Academy, where our program services the young riders of Bainbridge Island, WA offering lessons and summer equestrian programs. 

Wade Jackson is a an award winning commercial and film director based between the United States and the United Kingdom. He has worked on projects as large as national campaigns, as well as smaller projects for smaller companies with compelling stories. Wade is currently in production on his first feature film, entitled Breaker that features the bond between man and horse.

Melissa Holland, DVM, DACVA

This thing is just too intriguing for words!   As with all things new, there will be naysayers and skeptics.  I’m one myself.  But here’s the thing that I think I forget sometimes:  My chiropractor teachers told us that just because the animals don’t speak your language doesn’t mean they are not talking.  You just aren’t listening.  You think you know your horse and his quirks until something that you change makes you realize that it’s not the horse with the quirks.  Quirks are just compensation for the rider not getting through with his message.  This saddle feels like a translator.   And, if you are listening, the horse is telling you what he’s hearing.  It’s a revelation.  You just never know what will cross your path when all you want to do is improve your horse’s life, even if you are not quite sure it needs improving.  Something is just nagging at you, so you go searching.

Virginia Tech -Al

My name is Sara Gordon and I’m currently a junior at Virginia Tech, majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in animal science with an equine emphasis. I’ve been riding since I was 4, with a love of horses all of my life, and I’m currently a member of the Virginia Tech Hunter Team. My goal is to combine my passion for journalism and media, with my love of horses, into a prosperous career involved with equine publication, journalism, or media relations. 

At Virginia Tech, I’m also currently the PR officer for the VT Equestrian Club, where I was lucky enough to meet with and film Tad Coffin’s demo at our club meeting in November. To be able to watch how the extraordinary technology within his saddles benefits the horse, especially watching it used on one of VT’s horses, was truly inspiring. I was so honored to be able to put together this video of our horse Al’s transformation, with Tad’s SmartRide RX technology. Please enjoy!

Cecelia Byers

Jack 11.17.17.jpg

I cannot believe the changes I have seen in my horses since receiving my new Rx saddle about 6 weeks ago.  This saddle truly is magical. I can’t thank you enough; this saddle is making a real difference for 2 horses with significant back & neck issues.

Noel Roderique Ward


I have been trying to help a newly adopted OTTSB but having some difficulty forging a good relationship. I asked my friend and trainer Jenn to come over to assess the new horse, who has frankly been a little grumpier than I expected. She felt that this could be due to muscle soreness and tension through his back, and we decided to try a little experiment with her Tad Coffin saddle with SmartRideRx technology, which has been producing a therapeutic electromagnetic response in horses who wear it--

WOW! After just one 20 minute session with this saddle on his back (yes, a saddle to fix a back issue!) he was suddenly soft and so much happier. Much like horses I have seen who look blissful during an acupuncture session. I am amazed at the difference in the feel of his muscles after the session, they went from hard and tight to soft and relaxed, and he was receptive to having me touch him. Just look at the pictures, you can see it in his face! I am still enjoying the benefits of that saddle and overjoyed that Toby feels better.

Thank you Tad for caring so much about the health and happiness of our best friends.