Purchase our saddle with Tad's help risk free.   We will ship it to you as soon as possible.  Try it for 30 days.  If you are not thoroughly delighted with your experience we will refund 100% of the price and pay to ship it back.  We believe a  truly high quality product needs no contract.


Thera-Tree® for Therapy

For back pain relief, performance, relaxation and recovery.

My Grand Prix horse has jumped more clear rounds in three shows than in the last 6 years. After winning the 1,40 someone stopped me and said, maybe there is something to that saddle. Hahahha.Jesse Smith
I cannot believe the changes I have seen in my horses since receiving my new Rx saddle. This saddle truly is magical. My horse (Jack) has kissing spine and osteoarthritis. We jumped for the first time in over 2 months. He was amazingly good! After the ride, he actually refused to go back to the barn and demanded to go for a walk around the farm!!Cecelia Byers
All of a sudden a horse that's a short strided washing machine is trotting around like it could get a hack ribbon. Jesse Smith
It was so cool! The best part is how amazing I Feel!!! I've ridden all day long and my back feels great! I'm having fun!!!Lisa Hammerschmidt
Just spend two hours talking to a few riders of the Cadre Noir about your saddle. They had tried the jump saddle and had nothing but great things to say about it. I told them it was only getting better!Jules Nyssen
As a horse woman who knows her horses, I can tell you that this saddle is a game changer. With gratitude,Betsey Smith


Featuring SmartRideRx
 Saddle Tree and Panel Technology  


"Revolutionary technology meets classic beauty."

Every so often, a discovery
opens the door to a brand new way
of looking at something familiar. 

For millennia, man believed the world was flat until new tools of discovery upended that belief. 

SmartRide Rx technology is a "round earth" idea challenging the "flat earth" narrative of current saddle fit.



All Tad Coffin Saddles can be upgraded to the latest SmartRide Rx Technology.