Cecelia Byers

My horse (Jack) has kissing spine and osteoarthritis from T14 through L6.  I can now groom over his back without him biting or tail swishing.  The massage therapist and chiropractor both have noted that he is less body sore and has an increased range of motion.  Prior to receiving this saddle, he was biting at the air (mostly) while being girthed up; that behavior disappeared about a week into using the Rx saddle.  Today I had a lesson and we jumped for the first time in over 2 months.  He was amazingly good and best of all he was happy to be able to do his job again comfortably. I could not believe it, after the ride was done he actually refused to go back to the barn and demanded to go for a walk around the farm!!  


Also I use the saddle as a therapy tool on my 25 year old retired thoroughbred (Andy) who has severe osteoarthritis in his lower neck.  Recently he has been having some issues while being shod, as most elderly horses do.  I make sure that he has 3 to 4 sessions a week with the saddle.   For the last shoeing appointment, I had the saddle on him for 30 minutes prior to my farrier arriving and I kept it on him throughout the shoeing. He had an easy time during his shoeing session.  My farrier was skeptical about it but afterward commented that he was impressed how comfortable Andy was through the shoeing appointment.