Upgrade, Repair, and Used Saddles



There have been multiple iterations of the technology in our saddles; the original A5, the A5G and A5G2 followed by the  SmartRide technology that was originally introduced in 2009.

As we discover improvements that will impact horse comfort and performance, we put them into production after testing.

Each and every one of our  saddles can come back for a technology upgrade. This is  completely unprecedented in the world of saddles. Customers can take full advantage of our discoveries and have their saddles refurbished. Some customers have this done multiple times.


We prefer to do all repairs on our saddles as the parts and methods we use are not consistant with most repair shops. We regularly replace worn leather parts and billets and can replace panels as necessary.

Used Saddles

We have a constant flow of used saddles at various sizes at any given time. These saddles range in price. Contact us to discuss our current inventory.