What is Thera-Tree®?

Thera-Tree® is a therapeutic and performance enhancing device based on Smart Ride Rx saddle tree technology from Tad Coffin Performance Saddles.

When placed on a horse's back, it demonstrates signs of physical relaxation -- quieting of movement, blinking of eyes, stretching the jaw, sometimes the whole body. After 20 minutes with the girth on, Thera-Tree®  consistently and significantly alleviates equine back pain and sore muscles, reduces stress, anxiety and tension. 

While this may seem like magic, it is due to the electromagnetic phenomenon created by the combination of the materials we use, our manufacturing processes, and the devices's geometric features. 

Use Thera-Tree® as treatment for pain, to enhance your horse's performance or make a trailer transport a calm experience. 

What it Does

The signs of physical relaxation that horses demonstrate when wearing Thera-Tree® are a quieting of movement, blinking of the eyes, stretching the jaw with repeated yawns, sometimes stretching of the whole body, demonstrating the same type of relaxation as during an acupuncture treatment. These changes often begin immediately and seem to reach their concentration within twenty minutes.

Use For Therapy

The compact, non-riding nature of this device allows for therapeutic use in the stable for a variety of reasons: alleviation of back pain anywhere along the top line, reduction of stress, anxiety and tension, muscle recovery from shipping, training, competing, or for horses on stall rest to promote healing and alleviate stress. Horses can wear  Thera-Tree® in their stalls, on cross-ties, or hand walking.  

Use For Performance

Use of Thera-Tree® before riding prepares horses mentally and physically to come out of the barn limber, relaxed, and focused. Use after riding improves recovery from work and stress, relieving muscle soreness and fatigue, improving performance for the next day.

Other Uses

Some horses with fears or discomforts that lead to behavior problems like not standing calmly for the farrier, or for clipping their ears, are calm enough when wearing the technology to have the activity be no longer an issue.

It is a phenomenon that is easy to dismiss until you have seen it firsthand. It's important to remember that horses have guided the development of this innovation, and they only tell us what they are experiencing-- they do not know about the placebo effect. Relaxation responses occur whether horses are used to wearing the Thera-Tree® regularly or not, but horses who wear the technology every day for twenty minutes at a time receive the most benefit.


The Benefits of Thera-Tree®

Did your vet mention "Kissing Spine"?

Alleviates back pain and muscle soreness

Creates relaxation

Improves cardiovascular functioning by up to 30%

Improves endurance and recovery time

Lightweight - easy to use - no appointments with a practitioner

Reduces the need for longing

Reduces or eliminates use of calming supplements & pharmaceuticals

Safer environment for veterinary/farrier visits