Tori Colvin
Winner of Numerous Best Child / Junior Rider titles for years

 “When I ride in my Tad Coffin I feel like I’m part of the horse because the saddle moves with the horse’s back. I love Tad Coffin saddles.”



Scott Stewart
Top Hunter rider and trainer

“My horses are as comfortable in this saddle as I am. They also jump better. That’s why I love these saddles.”



Tom Brennan
Top Hunter rider and trainer

“I’ve been using Tad’s saddles for 16 years. I appreciate that they are designed and built by a horseman for horsemen. My horses no longer have back issues; these saddles give my horses and riders the best chance to win.”



Jules Nyssen
Leading Dressage trainer and competitor

“The cutting-edge technology behind this Tad Coffin saddle is truly amazing. I have never ridden in a saddle before that allows me to have this much “feel,” and even better, the saddle allows the horse to move naturally and perform at its best.”

Cindy Ishoy
 Multiple Canadian Olympic and World Championships Teams

Canadian Olympic Team Bronze and Fourth Place Individual – Seoul

Pan Am Canadian Team Gold

“I have been competing in international dressage competitions, including multiple Olympics and World Championships, for over 40 years.  I rode solely in one saddle.  Recently, I was introduced to the Tad Coffin Dressage Saddle.  After just 3 months, the SmartRide technology has allowed notable improvement in my horses’ attitude toward work, their way of going, and their musculature.  It is remarkable.  You do not need to sell the Tad Coffin Dressage Saddle, it sells itself!  I would like to thank Tad Coffin and his team for making a saddle that promotes the well being of the horse and is a pleasure to ride in.”