Posted by on Feb 22, 2016

Olympic gold medalist Tad Coffin’s SmartRide™ technology featured in Voltaire Design’s newest model — the “Blue Wing”

Ruckersville, VA, January 26, 2016: A perfect pairing of cutting edge technology from America with the leading edge of French styling for saddles will benefit horses and riders.

Brice Goguet of Voltaire Design puts it this way: “We approached Tad Coffin due to his expertise on trees. We quickly realized we share the same vision: making the best saddle to unleash the horses’ potential. Tad’s horsemanship and understanding of tree technology were well beyond our expectations. Our collaboration and transparency with each other has been fantastic, and we just wish we had met him before.”

SmartRide™ technology refers to the most significant re-engineering of saddle tree and panel technology in history. Conceived, designed and developed over a 20 year period by a consortium of experts, this exhaustive effort included a broad range of engineering and fabrication expertise, coordinated in a horse – centric environment under Tad’s direction.

Tad said: “Brice Goguet is a forward thinking individual who is unafraid to seek new truths about the role saddles play in horse performance”. “It is this mutual pursuit of something significantly better for horses that has brought us together. In this Olympic year, it might take a daring young Frenchman to raise industry and consumer awareness of genuine performance improvements in the most obvious and overlooked place – inside the saddle”, Tad noted.

For the first time, in addition to musculoskeletal benefits, SmartRide™ technology has consistently demonstrated a neurologic benefit for horses. “In just 20 minutes of having this technology on their backs even without a rider, horses show greater relaxation, pain reduction and reduced anxiety”, explains Tad. A team of veterinarians at UC Davis is planning a study in the coming months.

SmartRide ™technology was developed around the needs of the horse’s back in motion. Principles of geometry, advanced computer technology for design and machining and advanced material composition have been combined to meet the complexity of the task. The tree, an alloy reinforced and tuned with an array of carbon fiber is formed on a technically advanced tooling system and has well over 20 distinct axis of flexion. The panels use a range of advanced materials machined to exacting specifications and laminated together. When wrapped with leather, they mimic the shape, elasticity and tonality of healthy equine muscle tissue.

The results of this effort demonstrate the previously untapped potential of the saddle to benefit every element of horse performance from relaxation and freedom of movement, straightness and stride length, jumping style, soundness and longevity.

“After 20 years of listening, engineering and innovation, a saddle technology that speaks ‘horse”.