Posted by on Sep 29, 2014

What makes a Tad Coffin saddle…a Tad Coffin saddle?

Is it our proprietary saddle tree design? Is it our best-in-class research and design facility? Is it our team of experienced engineers and designers? Or is it our understanding of horse anatomy and movement?

While all of these factors contribute to delivering a superior product, it’s actually our beliefs that make us the most unique.

The Secret Ingredients of a Perfect Saddle

The following four beliefs guide our every action at Tad Coffin Performance Saddles:

Belief #1: I believe that, of all the tools available to a rider, the saddle has the most untapped potential to improve the components of good performance: relaxation, freedom of movement, balance, straightness, ease of carriage, jumping style, soundness and longevity.

Belief #2: I believe that performance horses share a common shape in athletic motion; a dynamic posture that has specific motions and gestures that must be accommodated by the saddle for a horse to perform at his athletic best. The quality of this accommodation is the essence of “saddle fit.”

Believe #3: I believe that a saddle, specifically designed, engineered and crafted to accommodate this dynamic posture and the needs of the moving back will not only improve performance, but serve a spectrum of back conformations equally well.

Belief #4: I believe that all facets of good equitation, the rider’s seat, balance, feel, symmetry, sense of rhythm and timing will improve when the needs of their horse’s back are fully accommodated.

The Result: SmartRide™

These beliefs have guided us to develop SmartRide technology. The following presentation summarizes how our beliefs have shaped the saddles that we design.