I have been involved with saddle IMG_0294design and construction since 1976 and have a passion for discovering and developing the full potential of this equipment. I hold several central beliefs that are fundamental to how we approach saddle design and saddle fit for horse and rider,

I believe that, of all the tools available to a rider, the saddle has the most untapped potential to improve the components of good performance: relaxation, freedom of movement, balance, straightness, ease of carriage, jumping style, soundness and longevity.

I believe that performance horses share a common shape in athletic motion; a dynamic posture that has specific motions and gestures that must be accommodated by the saddle for a horse to perform at his athletic best. The quality of this accommodation is the essence of “saddle fit.”

I believe that a saddle, specifically designed, engineered and crafted to accommodate this dynamic posture and the needs of the moving back will not only improve performance, but serve a spectrum of back conformations equally well.

I believe that all facets of good equitation, the rider’s seat, balance, feel, symmetry, sense of rhythm and timing will improve when the needs of their horse’s back are fully accommodated.