Posted by on Aug 22, 2014

Where do thoroughbreds go when their careers are over? The lucky ones end up at one of the many Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (commonly referred to as “TRF”) facilities. Caring for over 1,000 horses nationwide, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is the largest equine sanctuary in the world.

Montpelier Farm, one of the logo-1TRF’s facilities in Virginia is a beautiful 200-acre retirement facility located on the estate of former U.S. President James Madison. Montpelier Farm began serving as a thoroughbred retirement facility in 2003 and houses some of the biggest names in the industry, including Correggio, the 1996 Eclipse Award winner. The farm is run by professional horseman, Kim Wilkins.

A Ringing Endorsement for Tad Coffin Saddles

Naturally, we were honored when we learned that Kim published an article on the organization’s website, titled “Go buy a Tad Coffin Saddle.” The article recounts our recent visit to Montpelier. The first sentence pretty much says it all:

“Go buy a Tad Coffin saddle. Don’t ask why, just do it. Your horse will thank you.”

~Kim Wilkins, Trainer and Operator of TRF’s Montpelier Farm

So why is Kim such a believer in Tad Coffin Performance Saddles? The answer is simple. Each horse experienced a significant improvement by using a Tad Coffin saddle. Take for example “Roy” (Wild and Royal).

roy1“I handed him lame horse after lame horse.  I even dragged in Roy who hadn’t been ridden since September. . . Roy had a stifle issue, we thought. He never limped, but after several months of (take my word for it) very light riding and steering practice, he had so contorted himself that he threw my back out.

Twenty minutes in the TC (Tad Coffin) saddle and Roy went sound. What? Kidding me?”


Kim’s positive experience was not limited to a single horse. In fact, several other horses had similar results. Even Bailey, a horse that has had a history of spine problems and had been turned out for 5 years, was put to the test. Prior to being turned out, Bailey had been given injections, robaxin, and virtually every other remedy imaginable – but to no avail. Bailey was decidely fracious while awaiting his turn and yet moments after putting the Tad Coffin saddle on his back, the horse gained his composure and kept it. After picking up both leads handily Bailey made it clear he was ready and willing to leave retirement.


Twenty Years of R&D Provides Hope and Changes Horses’ (and Their Riders’) Lives

Through our discussions with hundreds of clients, we find Kim’s experience with our saddle to be quite common. We’re truly honored to have received such a glowing recommendation from Kim Wilkins at the Montpelier Farm.

We’ll close this article with Kim’s parting thought, which sums things up nicely:

“What you spend on the saddle you will save in vet bills and heartbreak. Do it. Call Tad Coffin.”