What is the difference between your two jumping saddles, the A5 Model and the TC2 Model?

The A5 gives the rider an unprecedented feel of closeness with a lower pummel and a flatter seat.  The A5 has a slightly wider fit.  The TC2 is designed for riders looking for a secure, balanced ride with a deeper and narrower feel. The TC2 provides the same sense of closeness and feel as the A5, and fits a higher wither with less need for padding.  All our new saddles feature the SmartRide Rx™ technology.

Will you help me figure out the right model and size for my saddle?

Yes, Tad can work with you personally to figure out the ideal model and size for your saddle.  We also often send out demos to confirm sizing.  Please look at the Rider Sizing guide for more information.

How long will it take to get a new saddle?

Due to the precision and craftsmanship involved, it may take a couple months from when the order is submitted to receive your new saddle.

Do you have any used saddles for sale?

Yes, we occasionally accept used Tad Coffin saddles on consignment, or as a trade-in for a newer saddle.  The quantity and sizes of our used saddle inventory varies weekly.  Please contact us at (434) 985-8948 for current availability.

What do the numbers and letters on my sweat flap mean?

The stamping on the sweat flap has changed slightly over the years, but the flap will provide you with information about your saddle, to include the model, size and date first assembled.  Please note we drop the number “1” from our seat and flap sizes.  For example, we label an 18 inch seat as “80” and a 17.5 inch seat as “75.”  Some examples of sweat flap labels are below:

  • This Saddle is a TC2 model
  • 3565 is the serial number
  • This has an 18 inch seat and a 17 inch (X) extra forward flap (meaning a flap normally associated with a 17 inch seat, with a kneepad with a little more room)
  • The saddle was originally put together in February 2014
  • The saddle was built with SmartRide™ technology

  • This Saddle is an A5 model (with SmartRide™)
  • 3154 is the serial number
  • This has a 17.5 inch seat and a 17 inch flap
  • The saddle was originally put together in September 2010
  • The Saddle was built with SmartRide™ technology.

  • This Saddle is an A5 (Generation 2) model
  • 2888 is the serial number
  • This has an 18 inch seat (the flap size is not indicated, so it has a flap normally associated with an 18 inch seat)
  • The saddle was originally put together in April 2008
  • The shop toll free number is on this saddle

How can I tell if a Tad Coffin saddle has SmartRide™ technology?

All saddles that were built with SmartRide™ technology, or were later upgraded to SmartRide™ technology, will have the SR button on the stirrup loop.

Can I update my older Tad Coffin saddle with a new saddle tree?

Yes, we can update any Tad Coffin saddle with our latest saddle tree.

Can I get new panels on my older Tad Coffin saddle?

Yes, we can sew new panels on your Tad Coffin saddle.

I am looking to either buy a used Tad Coffin saddle, or sell my Tad Coffin saddle.  What is it worth?

Tad Coffin saddles retain their value very well, but the precise value will vary according to the age, usage, and care take by the owner.